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Insect with orange head and black and brown wings sits on a leaf

Searching for ֱ’s little-known fireflies

July 12, 2024

ֱ Boulder graduate student Owen Martin grew up in ֱ but had never seen a firefly in the state until three years ago. Now, he and his advisor Orit Peleg are trying to raise awareness of the Rocky Mountain region's glowing and "wonderous" insects.

Brooke Marten and Professor Sherri Cook following Marten's successful thesis defense

Grad student turning trash into cash

July 10, 2024

Brooke Marten is engineering a better environment, focused on what happens to trash after it is carted off to the landfill—and ways to turn it into a valuable product.

Highway road sign reads: "Extreme heat. Save power 4-9 p.m. Stay cool."

Heat waves are more dangerous than you think. Here’s why, and how to stay safe

July 10, 2024

Large portions of the West, including parts of ֱ, are reeling from extreme temperatures this week. ֱ expert Colleen Reid, who studies the health impacts from natural disasters, explains the unique hazards of prolonged heat waves and what people and communities can do to handle them.

Dark rain clouds in the desert

The timing of rainfall could help predict floods

June 28, 2024

ֱ researchers have authored a new study that measures the time between storms to better understand soil moisture and how this relates to floods.

ֱ River

ֱ Boulder secures $750K to improve drought preparedness in Western US

June 28, 2024

ֱ Boulder has earned a major grant to boost drought monitoring and prediction on the ֱ River.

Hand holds three coils of thread in blue, green and neon green

Wear it, then recycle: Designers make dissolvable textiles from gelatin

June 17, 2024

Researchers at the ATLAS Institute at ֱ Boulder hope their DIY machine will help designers around the world experiment with making their own, sustainable fashion and other textiles from a range of natural ingredients—maybe even the chitin in crab shells or agar-agar from algae.

Professor Edith Zagona

Modern water management approaches on tap during USAID visit

June 10, 2024

Professor Edith Zagona provided technical and advisory services during a U.S. Agency for International Development-sponsored visit to Armenia, where rural communities are running out of water due to uncontrolled use by fish farms and pollution caused by untreated mining tailings.

A bumblebee on a flower

Wealthier neighborhoods in Boulder saw lower bee diversity

May 31, 2024

Areas with more paved roads and driveways also had lower numbers of pollinators, which are vital for the local ecosystem, a new ֱ Boulder study found.

aerial view of campus

ֱ Energy Office grants to pay for on-campus geothermal studies

May 24, 2024

Announced by Gov. Jared Polis, two grants totaling nearly $700,000 through the statewide Geothermal Energy Grant Program will help determine whether geothermal energy is feasible for the campus.

Plastic bottles

Plastic waste is a global problem. Carbon recycling can help

May 24, 2024

ֱ Boulder chemist Oana Luca gives her take on how carbon-dependent sectors, such as chemical manufacture and long-haul transportation, can reduce emissions.