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5 documents to work on this summer for your academic job search

May 22, 2024

The academic hiring season is fast approaching. As you prepare for your academic job search, here are five crucial documents you can begin to draft.

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5 things to do this summer for a successful job search

May 22, 2024

Summer break is a great time to prepare for your next job or internship search. Working on career documents and online profiles is an important task to check off your to-do list. Here are five things to do this summer to help you prepare.

Student studying on laptop outside

Tips for working remotely

May 10, 2024

Work is more flexible today than in the past, with many jobs and internships offering remote or hybrid schedules. While flexibility can feel like a perk, it can also bring challenges. Here are some ways you can set yourself up for success.

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You’ve done other things

May 3, 2024

You can talk about more than your internship and work experiences on your resume and in interviews. There are many types of professional experiences, including volunteering, leadership roles, class projects, study abroad and more. Find resources to help with your job search.

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Take advantage of free resources before you graduate

April 30, 2024

You have access to free or discounted resources while you’re still a college student. Create a budget for your life after college with You Need a Budget (free access for a year); or learn a new skill for free by completing a LinkedIn Learning course.

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7 tips for managing stress while searching for jobs or internships

April 29, 2024

Looking for a job or internship can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety for many students. Here are some tips to help you feel better throughout the process.

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Get your professional development on the books

April 26, 2024

Staff and faculty are invited to explore trainings on productivity, communication, hybrid work, inclusivity and leadership.

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The hidden job market and how to find it

April 23, 2024

Around 80% of jobs are never posted. To find unlisted positions, use the network you already have! Ask friends, family, professors and others in your network to keep you updated on projects and jobs that match your goals. Learn how to set up informational interviews.

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Tips for accepting a job offer

April 16, 2024

Receiving a job offer can feel exciting and rewarding, but you can benefit by taking the time to consider whether the position is right for your future. Here are things to consider.

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Request a letter of recommendation for graduate school

April 12, 2024

Before you graduate, reconnect with your favorite professors and instructors to share your future plans and ask for a letter of recommendation. Even if you don’t plan to attend graduate school, asking them while they remember you will help with a future ask.