The ֱ Police Department helps to ensure that victims of crime have support.At the University of ֱ Boulder there are many dedicated support resources for victims and survivors.

ֱPD has an Embedded ֱ Police Department Victim Advocate.This position is a collaboration between the (OVA) and that started in June 2021. The Embedded Victim Advocate can co-respond with officers, support detectives doing investigations, follow up on cases ֱPD is handling and outreaches on police reports to support victims of crime as they interact with ֱ police department.The goal of this position is to support victims, help them know their rights and options, receive follow-up with the criminal process and to be a bridge to other resources. The embedded police advocate is not a confidential resource and will refer victims/survivors to OVA for confidential support.

ֱ Boulder also provides services throughthe (OVA). This office provides free and confidential support, consultation, advocacy and short-term trauma counseling to ֱ Boulder students, graduate students, staff and faculty who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic, disturbing or life-disrupting event, including but not limited to crime. This office can also offer support for those who are helping a friend, partner, family member or colleague through a traumatic experience. One does not have to be engaged with ֱPD services to use OVA services and OVA is a separate department from ֱPD.

Please note: OVA does notinvestigateor make official judgements related to cases. To learnmore about OVA’s confidential services visit:

You can learn more about the ֱ Police Department Victim Advocate by reading this article.